Good intention, bad policy?

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Is the minimum wage a cost free reform? The minimum wage policy aims to help unskilled workers earn enough income to escape poverty, thus imposing a minimum amount an employer can legally pay to its employees. Instead of having minimum wage policies, some developed countries like Denmark, Finland and Sweden, have…

The awfully good ad blocker

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Are ad blockers improving your web experience? They are definitely saving you time. Ads just pop up from nowhere and you have to endure them whether you like it or not. Now consumers have the possibility to block commercials they do not wish to see while browsing the Internet. By…

The Big Short: A Review

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Based on a true story, The Big Short is a raging success with an amazing cast that works impeccably well to give us the best picture of the financial market and its schemes. Predicting an economic recession can be extremely difficult, but predicting a mortgage bubble can be even harder. Yet, Michael Burry…

STOP Bullying!

There isn’t just bullying in high school…you also find it at home, among friends and at work – everywhere really. Bullying definition: “Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.” Nowadays, more and more children, women and men are victims of bullying.     Some might think that bullying…


Try to see it from a different perspective, and you just might find the right solution for your problem.

Road Not Taken

Poem of the Week. Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Have no regrets, look forward. Even if you went back and tried to change things, everything would be already different.

Tear the Mask

Tear your mask and enjoy life. “Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness.” Take chances.